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Learning Made Fun

Welcome to MakingThemGenius.com. A place where you have fun yet enriching activities for your kid’s development. We believe that education and learning occurs when a child is able to concentrate and appreciate what they do and create skills that are the basis for more formal school work.
Browse around, enjoy what we have to offer, and start spending quality time with your kids today!

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Proven, Results Oriented Approach

Curriculum designed by Industry leaders proven to heap kids with learning critical thinking, problem-solving, and STEM skills in a fun, healthy, and inspiring environment.

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Together, we invest in Kid’s Future

There has never been a more exciting time to promote learning with our kids. Each child deserves a chance to unlock an inherent, limitless capacity to learn.
Whether or not they choose a career in Programming, we want to give children the skills they need to help them achieve their dreams.

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