Kids Programming – Introduction Level

Why programming for Kids?

Coding promotes creativity

By experimenting with code, children learn and strengthen their minds. They learn, even if they make a mistake.

Coding helps kids with math skills.

Coding helps kids
– visualize abstract concepts,
– Helps kids apply math to real-world situations, and
– makes math fun and creative for kids.

That’s the reason, almost all popular STEM programs involve coding.

Coding improves academic performance in writing.

Children who learn to code understand how to prepare and coordinate their thoughts. This will lead to improved writing skills that can be built on as coding skills grow over time.

Coding helps kids become confident problem solvers

When they learn to code and provide programming instructions, they know that there’s no one right way to do things. They can improve on what they have already done without worrying about their failure. Coding is a basic digital age literacy and it is crucial for children to understand and appreciate the technology around them.

Why Making-Them-Genius?

  • It’s a parent-run initiative, created out of real-life needs of giving kids good education, without breaking the bank.
  • We are a parent-owned, New Jersey based group dedicated to kid’s development and learning.
  • Our focus is on developing kid’s problem-solving techniques – not on making them learn the syntax. Once they are good at problem-solving, they can be a good programmer in any language.
  • Recordings of session shared on a weekly basis and structured and progressive homework given to challenge kids.

I am convinced, how do we proceed?

Demo classes happen weekly and a new batch starts every month, so please share your details before and we will touch base with you

Alternatively, you can call us at (646) 681-7003