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Learning About Resilience Through Nature

I asked for input on my Facebook page about various features I might write about a few days ago, and “resilience” was mentioned multiple times.

Resilience requires other character traits … As it ensures we have a positive attitude, build coping skills, build resilience, and determination to do our best no matter what. Basically, being strong means accepting responsibility for our actions, having a good outlook for life, supporting ourselves, and continuing through loss, disappointment, or other difficulties. It’s a huge idea!

And how can children describe “resilience?” See how I did this: OUTDOORS ACTIVITY TO LEARN ABOUT RESILIENCE While outdoors, I told my son to check out a little vine. So I told him what if he caught it. He said it could be pulled up. So I worried about a big storm. He said that ‘d die.

I told him to find a tree, asking the same questions. Of course, we realized the tree could support its own weight, so a storm wouldn’t hurt.

And then I asked if he could pick what storm (plant or tree) he’d like to be. He said the tree heavier.

I’ve explained humans are like plants and trees, so we can choose how strong we’re growing. And unlike species-specific seedlings that grow into pre-determined creatures, people can choose what they are. We may choose to sunbathe and let rain help us rise. We can want to create our earth-deep foundations to make us permanent and strong. We can select a small, sturdy tree.

The sun is the joy we have in this world (God’s joy, our mom’s love, anything you choose!), rain is the challenges we face, and the roots are our memories. If we have love without barriers, we’ll shrink from pain. If we rain and shade the heat, we’ll get dry cleaned. So if we have a healthy mix of sun and rain, we will benefit from our mistakes, and expand our roots deep into the soil to make us powerful and steadfast.

During this conversation, my son accidentally tripped (because we were walking), and when he got up, he said, “I just meant doing that because the tripping makes me better!” I had a little laugh, but it was fun to see how his attitude influenced his fall. That led to a conversation about the resources we should all pick … We also spoke about the challenges we face (such as watching little brothers get into our things, needing to do chores and not being able to eat fast food), and compared them with the sun and rain. The rules I make out of love (like not shouting) are as light, and those we can’t handle are like a storm. They’re part of life, and hopefully, they’ll grow stronger.

Given all this, I explained that the tree is “resilient” thanks to all its capacity to survive and grow in the environmental environments. And if we want to live like the tree, we’ll be resilient.

Are you sturdy? Model an ambitious life outlook and desire to take advantage of your children’s challenges?

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