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The Hand Washing Trick That Can Help Protect Your Kids Against Coronavirus

It’s cold and influenza season, and now with rising Coronavirus events, it won’t be long before it affects anyone near us. That also means it’s more important now than at any time in recent history to teach your kids how to wash their hands the right way.

Indeed, the CDC says the safest way to protect yourself against Coronavirus is to “wash your hands regularly with cleaner and water for 20 seconds in any situation.”

The thing is – we know that kids usually don’t.

We HAVE to teach our kids to do it properly or literally video them any time they wash their hands. This trick is Brilliant and will get the kids to wash their hands correctly without fail.

This Hand Washing Trick Will Help Defend Your Kids Against Coronavirus

You gotta make it fun. I swear, my kids respond more than anything to stuff FUN, and that bodes well. I tried this bright Kandoo Hand Soap with bunches of air pockets – absolutely distinct advantage!

I can’t continue to show how many I saw my kids leave the bathroom with a cleaner already on their hands, hands that are nuts dirty, or just hands that they didn’t wash with some amount of imagination!

One day when my little kid was with my grandma, she left all cleanser hands in the bathroom, and my grandma sent her back in her endless intelligence and persistence and advised her to sing the letter set. When the song was over, her hands cleaned.

The principles were simple, turn on your shower, siphon two cleanser siphons, foam up (the Kandoo cleanser is beautifully hued, so asking your kid when their hands are secured is easy), and wash while singing your ABC’s.

When you hit a good pace, hands are all spotless, and you can dry when singing the tiny end. The chance you have small ones that don’t have an idea about their ABC’s yet, it’s an excellent time for them to know.

I let you know, Kandoo Soap and singing ABC’s is the right way! Your kids should have a lot of fun washing their faces, and even more importantly, taking care of business RIGHT and not getting sick. The joy is mine.

It’s actually something that worked for us, so I thought I’d share!

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