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Arts and Crafts Subscription Boxes: Art Projects that Excite Kids and Give Parents a Break.

For as long as I can remember I have loved crafts. From when my mom first took me to Walmart and Target to pick out my own crayons to today, when I make a new craft almost every day with my kids. It’s something that has always been a part of me, always been something that makes me feel happy, and something that brings people together. That is why I decided to find and review the best Arts and Crafts Subscription Boxes for kids.

Why enroll in an Arts and crafts subscription box ?

Each month these services will send a box of activities and arts and crafts projects to stimulate kid’s creativity. These Arts and Crafts Subscription Boxes for kids will get your children excited to create, learn, and discover new things and are the best way to keep your children entertained all month long!

These art supply subscription boxes are perfect if you want to encourage creativity in your child. Help your kids to create their own masterpieces!

Raddish Kids

Raddish Kids is exploring a different form of “arts” …. The culinary arts! It is created by a retired teacher and filled with educational content that goes beyond basic recipes.

Kids get an activity pack of ingredients, dinner talk cards, and more. We got the package and thought the recipes and the cards were very well made. However, you do have to go shopping for the ingredients – the meal ingredients are not included.

Ages: 4 to 14+


It blends art with literacy! Each box contains both a book and a crafts project to complement it.

Maker Crate

The maker crate is made by KiwiCo. Then what’s the difference between this and another subscription boxed by the same brand? Generally speaking, the Maker Crate appears to have top quality products. If you’re looking for a simplified craft, the Doodle Crate is perfect. If you want to have more ideas and learn new skills, go to the Maker Crate!

Ages: 9 to 16+

Girls Can! Crate

This box is specially designed for girls! In each pack, she’s going to get a hands-on art project, as well as an activity book about a prominent woman in history.

Terra Create

Terra Build has really unique crafts that you can’t find in many places. It’s another perfect one to do as a family. You will get projects that involve making soaps, candles, dream catchers, and more.

Do consider upgrading to two sets is just an extra $10 .

Ages: 9 to Adult

Green Kid Crafts

Green Child Craft is a perfect blend of science and the arts. This is a great opportunity for young children! I love that it incorporates both a science lesson and a craft.

Don’t forget to explore all three subscription plans depending on your child’s age.

Ages: 2 to 10+

Craft + Boogie

I love this set, since it has a range of craft themed for a month’s holiday, from Mother’s Day to Thanksgiving! There are also recipes, and a family game is included in each pack. Think of it as the full holiday celebration in a box.

Ages: 3 to 8

We Craft Box

We Craft Box is a fantastic general craft box that ships out premium brand name products that last beyond a single project.

Why I really love it? It’s a great deal for siblings! Each box includes enough materials for two children.

Ages: 3 to 9

Doodle Crate

Every month, Doodle Crate contains a different craft that teaches new techniques or tools for different projects. This package is perfect for older kids looking for a cool, creative art project.

Ages: 9 to 16+

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