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Using M&Ms To Graph with Your Preschooler

I enjoy trying new things. Diagramming isn’t “new,” but the prospect of my preschooler saying M&M’s amazes me! Beth from Keesler Confusion was great, opening my eyes! Bite time is never the same! She generously gave us her diagramming practice, including free printables. Click the image pictures for bigger printable versions. I can see us changing the graphs for dry organic bunches (what percentage of raisins you compared with dried fruits, etc.). 

Here’s the diagramming motion in her images. 

My baby, Mac, is a strong hero! When his sisters were little, they rushed to get their educational time with Mum, but Mac, he’d rather turn off the lounge chair! I scoured the house looking for items I thought his math lessons might bring. We organized legendary dinos, cars, and action. That was enjoyable more than once, and he made outstanding progress so far! And then I stashed the candy. 

He organized M&Ms, smarties, jellybeans, and everything else I found. For some long eating, in the end, he was prepared! We began by isolating various shades of sweets. We began diagramming then. He lines each shading in his own rows, and we have a tour. 

What’s the best shading? Who’s the least? 

Are similar hues? 

We addressed what TMD has to do to make two segments equal (subtract or add to a pile). We might have a red, but consider the likelihood of consuming black. What’s the deal? 

I filled my diagrams to reuse them with a dry erase pen. We looked at divisions, and my typical adult little girl gets through the original fun diagramming, focusing on getting the comparable, more notable than or not as much as indicators while comparing two lines of clothes. 

We also chipped away at prototypes. Never have my kids love doing math as much as chocolate!

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