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Introduction to Programming: This is a computer programming course using Blocky, a visual programming language. This course covers basic programming concepts like sequences, loops, nested loops, conditionals, functions, loop variables, and event handling


No prior programming experience is required. This course is for students age 8-14 Kids who pick up concepts fast will be advanced to Python or Javascript batch.

Programming Language:

Students will use visual blocks to drag and drop programs. Our goal is to develop logical thinking and programming concepts without struggling with the specific programming language syntax. Students will be able to focus on the logical part of programming without worrying about the specific programming language syntax. The course format is specifically designed to use Games and music to make the whole learning experience lot of fun for kids.

Programming Environment:

Students will write and run browser programs using the online editor at Students can write programs using Blocky, a Visual Block Program Language. At the end of each unit, students will take a summative multiple-choice quiz to test their knowledge of the unit ‘s concepts.


Students are assigned weekly homework. We expect students to complete homework before the next coding session. This will help strengthen the concepts they learn in class.

Time Commitment:

This is a 9-month course Includes 1 hour / week of in-class learning and at least 30 minutes / week programming outside of class.

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