Kids Programming Class: Learn Coding Using Python

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In CS25: Introduction to Python, the students will build upon the fundamentals of programming they learne with focus on data structures and data manipulation. Students will develop an appreciation for how computers store and manipulate information by building simple console-based games.

Programming Language:

Students will be writing code in Python. They will learn about Python’s built-in data types (including lists and tuples), Python’s conditional and flow-of-control structures (including if/elif/else, for, and while), and Python’s input/output functions (including user input and printing to console).


At the end of each unit, students will take a quiz and work on coding challenges that will test their knowledge of the concepts covered in the unit.


Students will be assigned homework every week. We expect the students to complete the homework before the next coding session. This will help reinforce concepts that they learn in class.

Time Commitment:

This course includes one hour of in-class learning, and about an hour of coding homework every week.

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