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Programming for Kids – using Java

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In CS25: Introduction to Java, students will build upon the fundamentals of programming. Students will develop an appreciation for how computers store and manipulate information by building simple console-based games.

Programming Language:

Students will be writing code in Java.


At the end of each unit, students will take a quiz and work on coding challenges that will test their knowledge of the concepts covered in the unit.


Students will be assigned homework every week. We expect the students to complete the homework before the next coding session. This will help reinforce concepts that they learn in class.

Time Commitment:

This course includes one hour of in-class learning, and about an hour of coding homework every week.

Start Date

Classes start on Sep 5th (Sunday) at 12 PM EST

Course Details

Unit 1Primitive Types
(4 weeks)
Unit 2Using Objects
(4 Weeks)
Unit 3Boolean Expressions
(4 Weeks)
Unit 4Iteration
(4 Weeks)
Unit 5Array and ArrayList
(4 Weeks)
Unit 62D Arrays
(4 Weeks)
Unit 7Inheritance & Recursion
(6 Weeks)
Unit 8Final Project
(4-6 Weeks)

A certificate will be awarded at the end of the course

How to reach us

We are an online-only training institute based out of NJ and are available via Text or Whatsapp (preferred)

646-681-7003 (click here for Whatsapp message)

Join the Whatsapp Group for More details


Are these classes online or in-person

All of our classes are Online only and sessions are held via Zoom

Can I get a free trial

Yes, of course. Feel free to take the first session free and decide for yourself

Is there are contract?

No. We understand that kids interest changes. We never want to force a kid or a parent to be enrolling in a class, if they are not interested. All payments are month to month, and you can stop anytime you want.

Will we get a certificate after the class


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