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Creating a Wall of Kindness (Bucket Filler Activities!)

After making the most of our new Circle of Light CD over the past few weeks (read my review of this wonderful CD that instructs kids to keep up with a lifestyle of caring here!), I wanted to do a fun exercise with the kids to further discuss the concept of being able to fill in.

The idea was to install a divider at home to demonstrate how families frequently filled pails. That will energize displays of kindness and warn us not to dive bottles. I made a Family Bowl, but they all needed their own pails, so they hued in their own bottles. At that point, we used heart-molded clingy notes to write how distinctive relatives over the past few days had packed pails. In the weeks ahead, we’ll add more, then erase them after someone has “plunged” a can cruelly. I trust this direct action offers children a clear reminder that they are either overflowing or plunging pails for the rest of the day (particularly in the midst of kin quarrels!).

Are you using Bucket Fillers assets? What’s your favorite?

Latest Posts


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