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No Point Carrying Emotional Baggage

Living in the past, carrying on grudges, and not letting go of anger hurts people’s lives and personal happiness. I think it’s so important to model healing to free our kids from anger and remorse. Consider how important learning to forgive (deeply and meaningfully) from early life is. What a lovely long-term ride!

I wanted a tangible picture to show how it feels when we don’t forget, and how lack of compassion hinders our daily lives. We used the example to clarify why we should forgive, not stop.

Next, I added a trolley and tiles. I told them to think about stuff that left them angry or unhappy or irritated, then put the block in the trolley—knowing what was really fascinating, Never buying various toys, never watching movies. I do see some fascinating subjects otherwise left to secrecy. I then added a few examples, like someone banging on what you’re constructing, someone in the park pressing you or screaming at you, etc. I allowed the boys to walk around with a trolley and tell them how. They said it was tough, bumped into things, and couldn’t go far. I noticed my two-year-old having to stand back and drag the trolley, so he could see what was behind him and walk around the house (interesting explanation for us parents to dwell on the past rather than the present).

Instead, I explained it’s like carrying an extra bag all day long, dragging stuff down, and slowing down our journey. When we forgive, we lose cognitive burdens that will deter us. Forgiveness frees our souls and minds, soothing us. We should leave the trolley behind!

Note: I’ve added how forgiving doesn’t mean we’re not concentrating on our emotions (it’s okay to cry!), or letting people be unkind or unjust. Yet salvation helps us work on problems without overtaking feelings.

Create children’s redemption? When somebody asks, “I’m sorry?”

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