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Stop And Go: The Perfect Rainy Day Preschool Activity

It’s a very simple activity I played as a kid. Essentially, we made a stop / go sign, and one person noticed a “price” rate. When the sign says, we ran about like wild banshees! When it said stop, we will leave. Excessively simple! Keep them busy a bit. I only got a “calm” morning because of all our racing! I’m letting pre-schoolers rest for today’s starting.

… What you have to do with your sign: moving paper towel (I think we used the substitute from our Aluminum Foil) Stapler paper plates (to attach the plates to the roll) Markers LEARNING APPLICATIONS: moving bearings – combining. Give any fours a chance, or just stroll back during the “play” moment, or jump, whatever, let the pioneer use their imaginative mind!

Sight word acknowledgment: Go and Finish. Useful at traffic signals and so on.

Act on two separate occasions when the “stop” symbol switches to “go.” Imagine you’re on a highway. I’ve got my kids clasping hands on the driveway or parking lot. It was an entertainment strategy fortifying the actions of “how-we behave around cars.”

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