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Teaching Children To Appreciate Diversity

One attribute I want my children to grow is a profound respect for others, regardless of race, age, ethnicity, or community. In a global culture, our children find that learning about other cultures and traditions is exciting by traveling to meet family members and adopting the different customs of relatives we brought home. I hope that openness to inconsistencies lets them see that there’s no “real” course, but each person has a different background. Nevertheless, there’s so much to learn across the world I keep exposing them to the notion of diversity. We’ve done ten things here.

First, I’d love to recommend Never Miss A Face matching game from Eeboo. Strong cards star kids around the world on sturdy square pieces, with so many fun ways to play with them! When my children were really young, we’d simply erase cards and identify words, colors, clothes. I’d take out several sets at around 2.5-3, and they’ll fit bits. This was important to see what parallels they find, not exactly the same cards — causing feature comparison. We’d eventually hand them over, play memory (about five pairs), go fish, or other games they’ve made.

There are nine more fun ways to help kids appreciate diversity: just making sure they get the opportunity to see people looking different in playing is a perfect place to start. These printable playdough mats give their playthings a friendly hands-on experience – from Picklebums.

You can always use playdough to feel the colors and flavors that make life more magical.

Crack open eggs to demonstrate how everybody’s the same — Kids Play Blog.

Build some gorgeous decor by printing out these World Flags to show that Mr. Printables enjoys every country, not only our own.

Dedicate a month where many of your kid’s peers travel to learn about the world using this incredible round-up of ideas — from Urban Parents Messy Children.

Build a package to fill the learning bits from Discovery Moments for every continent.

Listen and learn to enjoy music and dance worldwide, Babble.

Write books to know the lives of children overseas and develop an interest in learning about other cultures.

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