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100 (More) Activities to Teach Kids Good Character

Since delivering 100 Kids Activities to Develop Character, I’ve been amazed by the supportive response of guardians and teachers using my exercises and tools in their homes and study halls. It gives me immense joy to know the ideas belong to so many kids far and wide. (Much to you for your kind words and support!) I believe that those of you who use the lessons will have a lot of fun and will be entrusted with valuable conversations with the little ones in your care.

My intention when I began this blog was to compile 365 hands-on activities within a year to teach kids strong character. It is the third collection of 100 character development tasks I’ve brought together (the first two being it an article and my multimedia book Playing with Purpose) – and I think this list will be another valuable tool to families and schools. Appreciate it!

Here are a number of exercises posted on my blog: help your kids develop respect with these 10 Basic Gratitude Games.

Investigate authenticity and help your children appreciate its definition with these four enjoyable ways to educate children about telling the truth.

Urge the children to see beyond similarities and coexist with us in these 5 Unity Learning Events.

Viewpoint is everything – Train kids to be positive with a fun, hands-on game.

Encourage confidence with these 4 Playful Activities to help children develop assertiveness.

Allow your kids to understand their emotions with these five exercises to help children develop emotional awareness.

Love is all things found at the center – help kids work out how to express it with these ten hands-on ways to teach kids about love.

Here are ten ways to help kids make friends and help them build a good attitude.

Find realistic ways to research endurance through these six hands-on exercises to teach children resilience.

Let the kids get motivated by appreciating these ten ways that help young children cultivate a healthy mindset.

Add a part to offer birthday celebrations and holidays using these five ways to help children grow kindness.

Keep an ability to contrast your home using these ten fun ways to make kids understand diversity.

Offer the kids the chance to rehearse attentiveness and liberality for birthday parties with friends and family members by having these 10 + Simple Handmade Children’s Gifts.

Here are ten increasingly awesome character-building activities by various bloggers: Help children with developing sympathy by constructing DIY loving dolls out of eggs – Laughing Kids Talk about graciousness by encouraging habit-gathering – Playful learning Show animals grace by designing a natural life-saving kit for your car – Nature Fun 4 Kids Create some rousing fun

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