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Cherry Blossom Artwork using Cotton Balls

Absolutely nothing says spring like seeing growing cherry blossom trees in gorgeous tones of pink! This cherry blossom artwork is a fantastic springtime art activity for children. Using cotton balls as a painting medium is so enjoyable for children of all ages.

Both my 4-year-old and 7-year-old enjoyed using cotton balls to paint. The cotton balls offer the artwork a feathery look, ideal for the fairy floss structure of cherry bloom trees.

Cherry Blossom Artwork using Cotton Balls 1
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  • Canvas paper pad
  • Paintbrushes
  • Acrylic paint
  • Cotton balls
  • Wooden clothespins
  • Paint palette
  • A water container – use recycled ones for a greener option.

Painting Instructions on How to Make Cherry Blossoms: 

We used a canvas paper for this project. It was something I saw in our local art store and felt that it’s worth giving it a try. A canvas pad is basically the same as the ones you see stretched out onto a wooden frame. The only difference is, it comes in a ten sheets pad. Amazing! 

It held the paint well, and also, I think it makes the painting have a better texture. My children enjoyed using it too since it’s always fun to work on a differently textured surface. 

1. We will be doing a painting of a cherry blossom branch and not the whole tree, so it’s best to split your canvas paper in half for a horizontal canvas, which I assume looks quite impressive!

2. Time to blend your paints. It’s great if you already have the right sky blue and two tones of pink paints. If not, you will undoubtedly be required to blend your colors. I wound up mixing blue with some white and also the pink with white to make another lighter shade of pink.

Using two tones of pink gives the painting more depth, which makes the art more realistic. Don’t forget to provide the kids with plenty of colors to paint with their cotton balls! We used black for the tree branch.

3. Cover the entire canvas with blue paint for the sky. Try mixing the blue paint with some white touches here and there, which I think looks nice. It works best if you paint the background using a larger level brush.

Make sure that the background paint is completely dry before adding more elements. You can use a hairdryer to dry the canvas quickly.  

4. Draw the branch with a pencil. You can help your child with this if your child is too young. My child wanted me to draw her the branch, and after that, she painted it in. Paint the branch with black paint and also let it completely dry.

5. Here comes the fun part! Using two tones of pink, one dark, and one light, your kids can start using their cotton ball paintbrushes by gently tapping the areas around the tree branch to create fluffy cherry blossom flowers. Begin with the darker color initially, then add the lighter pink after.

Your kids don’t need to wait until the canvas dries. Your kids can paint light and dark pink colors simultaneously.

Cherry Blossom Artwork using Cotton Balls 2
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Painting with cotton balls was so enjoyable for both of my kids. I’m pretty sure that we will use the same technique in our future projects. It’s adorable how fluffy and vibrant the pink cherry blossoms look against the black branch and blue skies.

This cherry bloom artwork is such an excellent spring craft for children. Definitely worth the effort, as a result, will surely be dazzling!

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