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Fantastic Friday: Math Games and Computer Programs for Preschoolers

For the latest Awesome Friday Shout-outs, we’d rather find a math video, a DIY math puzzle, and a few places designed for our kids to learn early math on the internet.

We call Shirley’s stupendous math game at Nursery Events, a self-teaching mom. Adding and subtracting impressively. You may also adjust upper-level algebra’s “Digit Spider!” Essentially, you write the correct answer in the middle, and all “legs” are possible ways to hit that number. My girl and Cheerios shifted. It was an excellent solution to both constructive (counting true cheerios) and written enhancing the six concepts. See her guide blog (if not enough)!

I like puzzles … And I know this next step is way above our pre-school level, but I think they’d love to watch and deal with the pieces, maybe helping you understand the riddle. They made a museum riddle using magnets and cardboard boxes. The goal is to match the pieces. Yeah, let’s hear your convincing mystery! Don’t want to make one? Jane renders them wood.

Moreover, three ways to look at it! This will have online dynamite simulation tools for our kids to rehearse and improve math skills. “Starfall.” I haven’t seen any. We’re so busy enjoying the lovely spring season with our moon sand (haha), but of chance, a stormy day rolls along, and I recall seeing how they can help my kids improve their math skills. Ask me to ask what you think and how they support your kids!

Latest Posts


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