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Bio-medical Treatment: Some interesting details

Defeat Autism Now (DAN!) is a project of the Autism Research Institute, founded in the 1960s by Dr. Bernard Rimland. DAN! doctors are trained in the “DAN! Protocol,” an approach to autism treatment which starts with the idea that autism is a biomedical disorder. Specifically, DAN! doctors feel that autism is a disorder caused by a combination of a lowered immune response, external toxins from vaccines and other sources, and problems caused by certain foods.

It’s a potential therapeutic care approach.   What’s the biomedicine?   Ok, I’ve Googled it for a quick definition

1.  The medical research branch deals with the human capacity to withstand environmental pressures and variations, as in space travel. EOLBREAK

2.  Applying natural science concepts, especially biology and physiology, to clinical medicine. EOLBREAK Because our bodies are biologically designed, it only makes sense to see how it can function properly and what does not work properly with Joshua’s, and to do what we can to restore his body so that he can function as intended.

Some additional details here

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