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Do Alternative Therapies Help Autistic Kids Recover?

I watched autism-related shows where traditional recovery approaches are praised for their statistical evidence that they work, and they certainly do great good.   The conversation generally goes along the lines of putting more effort into these treatments (ABA, Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapies).   In fact, in most cases, all are the just treatment insurance covers, except in many cases for biofeedback.   There are not only conventional therapies, but there are still alternative approaches it has been shown to help.   There’s research to help what they’re doing, so more data emerges about their effectiveness.  

 In fact, a kid was part of last year’s study through iLs, for example, and his case showed improvement.   He also used Bio-Feedback for a limited time!   There really will be no problem providing both/and commitment to autism treatments.   Ideally, insurance will benefit cover these therapies ‘ costs, especially as to the uncertain causes of autism.   I mean, can we really afford disability care for 1/50 kids until they’re adults?   Wouldn’t they pay them into the system?  

We should help-seeking treatments that help children recover.   That seems to me, no brainer!

I recently launched a treatment plan that I would like to use once we have the resources: the Focus Program, provided here in Coeur d’Alene.   I attended a FOCUS briefing on my Dr. Amy Spoelstra, who gave an excellent summary of what could have led to the increase in autism rates, which I genuinely believe is on track.   She defined not only our children’s problems but also a practical approach to helping these children recover:

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FOCUS uses chiropractic, nutrient and neurological integrated motions to restore and rejuvenate proper neurological function and development.

The three methods intended to make this adjustment are not used to conceal short-term effects like medications. Instead, FOCUS focuses on reducing neurological intervention in the body by chiropractic, eliminating toxic toxins in our diet that induce nutritional inflammation in the brain, and restoring proper growth through precise neurological exercises.

Through these three methods together, we can effectively tackle the root cause of neurodevelopmental disorders and see real, tangible change. I’d love to see Dr. Amy’s traditional approach to treating autism.   This takes action on our parts in the form of advocacy, not just awareness.    It takes dedication and hard work and the strength to challenge to ensure that our children are not as overly exposed to all the toxins out there, but also adequately treated, not just medicated, and work towards recovery. It’s now 1/50 kids and 1/33 boys.   We can’t wait for the forces to find out.   My cynical nature in this area tells me they’re more concerned with political contributions, influence, and profit than all these toxins do to our kids.   It’s time we, as a nation, stand up and take care of our own children’s health care decisions and their regular exposure.   For instance, we’re in charge of what we purchase and allow in our homes, at least we can all start there through diet, cleaning products, and other environmental toxins.  

I’m not sure what the vaccine plan would take or what’s put in this to change, but I know there are people out there, like the Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute, who could definitely use our support in their research.   They and people like Dr. Amy are moving against the tide, and we need to support them in the battle to discover what triggers this crisis and our children’s recovery. I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments on this topic, as I know there’s a lot more available, and some of the treatments are under more scrutiny than others…

My approach with kids has always been “no harm,” but at the same time, being able to see what improves his healing in the most successful way.   I wish I had infinite resources!   Many services out there provide financial assistance, but they can be hard to find.   If anyone knows any resources, list them in the comment section below.    Your feedback is always welcome!

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