Detoxification and Children with Autism 2
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Detoxification and Children with Autism

Introduction Why is my child autism? Dr. Judy Stern, Harvard-educated professor at UC Davis briefly put it; “Genetics load the gun and the environment pulls the trigger.” One underlying aspect of autism is the excessive accumulation of contaminants from various sources in our environment, coupled with the body’s inability to efficiently excrete these toxins during developmental mile stages. In a developing baby/toddler whose immune, nervous, neurological and sensory systems are too fragile to handle this overload, this toxic overload can cause a child to regress in time. Many children with autism may also have MTHFR genetic mutation, meaning the body’s biochemical pathways have defects that cause low glutathione levels. This inhibits the body’s ability to excrete toxins. Therefore, detoxification is an important autism treatment procedure. There are several different detox strategies, but what’s most important is the preparation needed before any detox begins. It’s important to talk with your doctor. The first step is to prepare the body by cleaning the gastrointestinal (GI) tract and making your child physically stronger to withstand detoxification. It would make the child’s outcome more optimistic and easier. Preparation may include dietary changes, Epsom sulfation baths, and multiple GI detoxes including yeast overgrowth, mold, parasites, bacteria, and viruses. Furthermore, the good bacteria, with probiotics, improve the microflora required to support the immune system. Enzymes are also required to restore a healthy functioning GI tract that will prepare the body for detoxification.

Some of the different detoxification approaches are as follows:

Infrared Sauna – the skin is the largest organ and can sweat out toxins

Chelation – body-cutting heavy metals agents

Homotoxicology – Using specific substances for homeopathic detox

LED Laser Energetic detoxification using light energy

Cease Therapy – homeopathic detoxification utilizing unique substances

Promotion of the Metallothionine Protein System to eliminate toxin

Clay baths – clay is a binder that can pull toxins from the body

Sound Frequency Therapy – energy medicine using frequency for detox Ionic

Foot Bath Therapy – detoxes toxins through the feet in the water

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