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Dreamcatcher – A Quick How-to Guide


Dreamcatchers - A Quick and Fast way to create a Beautiful Dreamcatcher

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Active Time: 25 minutes
Total Time: 35 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

There are times in our lives with little ones that we feel frazzled, things seem to be coming apart at the seams, and everyone (everyone) needs to take a breath. These are the moments – when we are wondering if we are doing any of it right – that as mothers, we need to feel we are succeeding in some way. That’s where this quick project come into play – activities that don’t take a lot of time, or supplies, to put together

Hand this up and, like magic, the nightmares will disappear with the light of day.



  1. The lace or fabric provides a way for your child to create the web pattern of the dream catcher. Older children should be able to loop the yarn around the outside of the hoop without fabric if none is available.
  2. Hint 2: No blunt needle? No problem! You can fashion a blunt needle out of masking tape or even a pipe-cleaner, so long as you are using a very open-weave fabric or lace.

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What To Do

Place your lace or fabric between the two embroidery hoops. Trim off the excess around the edges.

    Knot one end of the yarn and have your child stitch it up through a spot in the fabric. Using a whip stitch, have your little one stitch around the outside of the hoop and up through the bottom.

    Have your little one add a few beads to each stitch.

    Continue stitching all the way around the hoop. Add stitching and detail to the middle of the hoop as well. Really, there is no way to go wrong here!

    Once your little one is done stitching around, you can add the hanging feathers. Cut a piece of yarn about 12 inches long. Have your child choose a few feathers and tie them on to one end. String some beads onto the other end of the yarn and put them down over the tips of the feathers. Sting the yarn through the bottom of the hoop a couple of times, then add a few more beads. Tie on another few feathers and then move the beads you just put on back down, again covering the exposed feather tips.

    You’re done! Hang it up, admire your work, enjoy your day.

    Dreamcatchers are traditionally decorated with “sacred items” – what things are so very special to you? Could you use any of them to decorate your dreamcatcher?


Discussion Points to make deeper connections

What did you dream about last night?

Ask your grown-up what they dreamt about.

Where do you think your dreams come from?

What would you like to dream about tonight?

Easy way to engage your kids with this amazing Dreamcatcher craft idea.

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