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Egg Carton Flower Wreath

This Egg Carton Flower Wreath is such a fun, bubbly way to revive an item that should be thrown out!

DIY wreaths are an excellent spring specialty to make with kids, particularly when playing outside is cold or damp.

There’s something to do with your cooler and art supplies! Each article includes hyperlinks.

Specialist Paints Paint Brush Paper Plate Strip Scissors Bearings: begin by cutting the egg jar into single pieces. Cut every corner, add faces. This makes “blossom petals” paint and brushes away shading judgment.

Break sheet mid-paper. When you need to slit the middle edge of the paper board, you can staple it together.

Paste full blossoms along the wreath’s bottom and tie the bowstring!


I enjoy mixing reuse! Showing kids by cycling is a great way to discover a second justification for what you can routinely dispose of. Here are a couple more fun making designs reclaimed and upcycled: 50 Amazing Egg Carton Crafts Oat Box Reusable Bottle Hummingbird Feeder DIY Recycled Frisbee SPRING FLOWER

CRAFTS FOR KIDS The greatest spring is the stunning blossom show it puts on! Blossom makes my kids dream artworks. They’re too good! I enjoy creating a perfect botanical artwork using any tool. Here are some of our favorite children’s labels and prints: Printable Spring Flower Coloring Art Cupcake Liner Flower Pattern For Kids 10 Styles For Preschoolers Felt Button Flower Magnets DIY WREATH Patterns Wreaths are the perfect way to decorate your entrance. They’re such a humble, easy way to enrich your house, and too fun to make! My kids enjoy making DIY wreaths they can make individually, close to those below reflections, but they do like helping me create gradually adding wreaths. It’s a great social job!

DIY Star Wars Holiday Wreath 3D Heart Wreath Maybe you’ll enjoy it! What’s the egg jar thinking? Mind the post!

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