Snow Globe DIY: Harry Potter 2
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Snow Globe DIY: Harry Potter

If you’re searching for an excellent Harry Potter gift or holiday ornament, try making a basic snow globe project with the Harry Potter theme to make it more unique and unusual. This DIY is affordable and will make an excellent addition to your Harry Potter accessories but also for anyone even if they are not a fan.

Materials You Need:

Snow Globe DIY: Harry Potter 3
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  • an empty jar
  • Enough baby oil to fill up a jar
  • A Glitter
  • Super Glue
  • snow globe inhabitant – Harry Potter Lego or any Harry figurines that can fit into your jar


Phase 1: Removing the label from my jar was the first thing I did. The idea is to make the inside visible after all. To scrape off the sticker and the sticky leftovers, I used a sponge with a mixture of nail polish remover and warm water.
Phase 2: Make sure the toy you will place inside the snow globe fits inside your container. You can use any sizes of Harry Potter action figures. I used Lego versions since it is easy to find and cuter.

Snow Globe DIY: Harry Potter 4
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Glitters all prep for the snow globe

Phase 3: I first glued the figure to a bottle cap to give Harry Potter some extra height and then attached it to the inside of the jar lid. Allow the glue to dry for about thirty minutes, or until you’re sure that everything is connected correctly.

Phase 4: Pour the baby oil in the container, then add the glitters. The baby oil has a superior solubility, which makes the glitters float slowly and beautifully. Water is also an alternative, but your glitter will not have the same slow movement as that of the oil. To create a perfect snowy look, I was going to use white glitter, but then, I saw crimson and gold, and it seemed like the perfect color combination to place Harry in a dancing Gryffindor atmosphere. To keep it simple, I only added a splash of each colored glitter to mine. But feel free to turn up the volume of the glitter as much as you want.

Phase 5: When it comes to sealing your snow globe, you have two choices. You can screw the lid tightly, or you can pre-add some glue to the rim. I made the second choice. Once everything is sealed correctly, give your Harry Potter snow globe a shake and watch the glitters float!

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